she/they · infj-t 🤍 neutral good · virgo sun · eng/es/한
DNI basic criteria, ≤ 16 (moots ok), a hateful atheist/non-Christian, in discourse often.
yes!!!: God, 80s music, stickers, old web-core, rain, the library, flowers, the moon, books.
no!!!!: roller coasters, rude/mean people, bugs, coffee, math, racism, homophobia.
coquette, bts, y2k, aesthetics, sanrio, pink, sunrises, 80s culture, bows.
BYF i'm ≥18, i'm a Christian, i spam repost content, i type in caps sometimes, use kaomojis.
my main ults ⛓️ . . . . bts, ji-kook ♡ my ults 🦢 . . . . aespa, ka-ning; enhypen, won-ki; nct haechan; lesserafim, yunjin; txt, tae-bin; ♡ other stans 💿 . . . . bnd, ateez, gidle, itzy, twice, ive, blackpink.
non-kpop music ☁️ . . . olivia rodrigo, chase atlantic, the weeknd, arctic monkeys, magdalena bay, guns n' roses, wave to earth, simon curtis, hojean, billie eilish, keshi, tate mcrae, ariana grande, corpse.
✧˚ · . aesthetics light academia, coquette, citycore, downtown girl, lovecore, angelcore.
・ 。゚☆ interests religion, 80s culture, lost media, fnaf, journaling, health, pokémon, webtoons, miffy, cosmology, sanrio, bt21, food, rilakkuma, music, anime, fashion, photography, learning. ♡♡